Grief is different for everyone. When a loved one dies the impact on a family is profound. The loss of a loved one can involve many strong feelings. Feelings of vulnerability, longing, pain, sorrow, anxiety, and anger may exhibit themselves at any period after the death of a loved one. Although these feelings are natural, bereavement counseling can be of great benefit. Bereavement counselors can be instrumental in restoring the emotional compass of a family after the loss of a loved one.

Hospice Bereavement CounselorsAs human beings, we find solace and comfort in unique and ever-changing ways. Through this difficult time of loss, Alliance Hospice offers emotional, compassionate bereavement support.

Our dedicated Bereavement Counselors immediately engage with hospice patients and family members in an effort to develop meaningful relationships that continue to support spouses, children and families for a full year after they experience a loss. Whether attending one-on-one personal counseling sessions or participating in a structured support group, our Bereavement Counselors provide comfort and assistance when it’s needed most. To strengthen our support, Alliance Hospice is honored to have a dedicated and caring group of bereavement volunteers who are ready to assist family members through personal visits and phone calls.

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