Hospice care nurses have specialized training in pain and symptoms management. They play a key role on the hospice care team, coordinating and executing the hospice care plan by assessing the patient’s condition, addressing patient and family needs, administering medications, communicating with physicians, implementing comfort measures and providing information and education for patients and their family members.

Hospice Nurses

Alliance hospice nurses can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our nurses provide palliative care which focuses on relieving pain and maintaining comfort. They regularly assess each patient’s condition and work with their physician(s) to determine the most effective treatment options and medication regimens for pain and symptom management. An important responsibility of the nursing staff is to inform and educate the patient’s family caregivers about the medical condition and to offer suggestions to enhance the care and support of the patient.

Each and every Alliance Hospice professional and trained volunteer shares a deep felt passion for providing compassionate end of life care. It’s part of their moral fiber to nurture patients, their families and friends during this sensitive time.

Alliance Hospice professionals work together as an interdisciplinary team. Our patients, their families and friends are an important part of the care team and work with us as partners, to develop a comprehensive plan of care that will maximize the effectiveness of the care and treatment modalities chosen.

Alliance Hospice operates hospice care and palliative care programs in North Augusta, South Carolina and the surrounding communities in Aiken, Barnwell, Edgefield and McCormick Counties. We are one of the nation’s premier providers of end-of-life care. Click here to Request Information or call 1-803-441-0174 to learn how hospice care can help.