Choosing a hospice care provider is a very personal decision. You can take great comfort in knowing that Alliance Hospice is one of the nation’s premier providers of end-of-life care.

Hospice care provides the care, support and encouragement patients and their families need to persevere during the end of life process. A team of physicians, home health aides, nurses, volunteers and social workers provide the care to the patients. Along with providing treatment care to individuals, the hospice care team makes home visits, arrange for respite care for the patient’s main caregiver, and coordinates community services bases on the needs of each individual.

Choosing Hospice

The attending physician oversees daily care whether the patient is at home, in the home of a relative, or in a long term care facility. In the case of specific medical situations, hospice programs have contracts for inpatient hospice beds. These services also cover short-term inpatient hospice care that could be needed when pain and symptoms cannot be taken care of at home. Hospice services provide medical equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen, supplies, and prescribed medications for pain and symptom relief.

Hospice teams realize that the patient’s family has much insight as to what will make their loved one most comfortable. Hospice workers understand and respect the courage it takes to care for a cherished family member while he is dying.


There are many options for Hospice care services and choosing the right one is important. Whether deciding for yourself or a loved one it is essential to learn what services are offered at each hospice.

When searching for Hospioce care, consider the following questions:

  • How does the Hospice ensure comfort for the patient?
  • When was the Hospice established?
  • Is the Hospice Accredited in Community Hospice Care?
  • Does the hospice have a reputation for integrity and quality service?
  • What special services are offered (e.g. pet or art therapy, Veteran’s care)?
  • What bereavement support does the Hospice offer?
  • How does the Hospice offer financial support?

The goal of Alliance Hospice is to serve as a resource to the city of North Augusta and the surrounding Communities in Aiken, Barnwell, Edgefield and McCormick Counties in South Carolina while providing compassionate  end of life care to patients and their families.

  • Alliance Hospice care relieves pain and physical discomfort so that the patient can better fulfill their emotional and spiritual wishes.
  • Hospice care takes place in the comfort of one’s own home.
  • Beyond the patient, Alliance Hospice cares for the circle of family and friends to help them support the patient’s wishes and adjust to their own grief and loss.
  • Alliance Hospice bereavement care continues for over one year after the death.

Alliance Hospice operates hospice care and palliative care programs in North Augusta, South Carolina and the surrounding communities in Aiken, Barnwell, Edgefield and McCormick Counties. We are one of the nation’s premier providers of end-of-life care. Click here to Request Information or call 1-803-441-0174 to learn how hospice care can help.